Journalist Dana Prigge’ with legendary fashion stylist Annabel Tollman

It’s not often that one can gain style knowledge directly and in-person from someone who works dressing A-list celebs for their most important red carpet appearances. I recently had the opportunity to chat with the absolutely gorgeous Annabel Tollman stylist to the most sought after A-list stars. Scarlett Johansson, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Shakira, Mariah Carey, and Liv Tyler are just some of the power house names she works with and dresses.

I was asked to attend an event at the chic Rlounge at the  Renaissance Hotel in Manhattan overlooking Times Square to kick off  the announcement of Annabel Tollman’s favorite style suggestions for Gemvara. If you aren’t familiar with Gemvara, it’s a unique and beautiful handcrafted  jewelry line that you custom create — yourself. There’s no inventory and you won’t see every woman you know wearing the same exact jewelry as you! There are various price points which allows you to create a custom piece of jewelry whether it be for everyday use or for a special night out!  After exploring the site once again, it’s easy to see why Gemvara is one of Oprah’s coveted “favorite things.

Annabel appeared in person with such a dynamic, positive and confident attitude that’s most definitely fitting of a fashion stylist of her caliber. She was dressed in a Old Hollywood inspired look; off the shoulder black top, sleek peacock blue pencil skirt with Bridgette Bardot hair and a soft smokey eye with muted lip. I really was taken aback by her presence.

We discussed the Gemvara line and the fact that one of the very freeing things about being a woman is the fun in dressing up. Annabel suggested to go bold and layer rings and necklaces to create your own personal look.  I really enjoyed learning more about the various Gemvara jewelry collections and couldn’t help but ask Annabel some styling tips for myself. Annabel suggested that I layer my necklaces more and that I define my waist in my clothing with a belt and to try and show-off my long legs more. There’s a confidently cool aspect to her personality and it’s easy to understand why so many of the hottest and most photographed celebrities entrust Annabel for their most popular red carpet appearances.  Most of all, I took away that besides my appreciation of the gorgeous Gemvara jewelry pieces I was able to preview, that  knowing what works for you and having fun with your look is key in feeling & looking your best. I just wanted to thank Gemvara and Annabel for reminding me of those fashionable lessons!


Stylist  Annabel Tollman’s gorgeous Gemvara sugesstions! Bling it on!



The view at the Rlounge showroom was amazing! You literally felt as if you could reach out and touch Times Square!