Brittany Connors strikes a pose with Olivia and Jackie stars of the Style Network hit show “Jerseylicious.”

Dailyfashionista had the fun experience of attending the Style Networks hit show Jerseylicious Season 5 premiere party at 46 Lounge in Totowa,  NJ. Everyone looked fabulous! Brittany Connors, Dailyfashionista contributor was there to catch all of the action. It was a great mix of reality stars featuring cast members from Glam Fairy, Big Rich Texas and Tough Love — who were all there supporting the cast of Jerseylicious.

Brittany was styled by celebrity stylist Dawn Notaro, from Dawn of New York in a gorgeous strapless sparkly black mini dress and blinged-out accessories as well.

Here’s Brittany’s recap from the glitter infused evening:

Olivia Blois Sharpe of Jerseylicious was dressed by celebrity stylist Meital Benaroya, of Reve Boutique. She looked breathtaking in a nude embellished dress, loose curls, flawless make-up and her adorable dimples were the perfect accessory.  She certainly shined bright as she worked the party talking to everyone.  Olivia was the perfect hostess. This season we can expect to see Olivia continuing to branch out on her own and moving from makeup to styling (a skill she’s amazing at). Olivia is also living the single life and her enjoying herself (Dailyfashionsta loves that).

I  also had the pleasure of chatting with Jackie Bianchi who looked very pretty, in a Dawn of New York dress. She and her hubby Carmelo looked perfect and were gracious to their guests throughout the evening. I expect in this new season of the show that we will see them as a couple and get to know their beautiful baby girl Adrianna.

The cake was definitely one of the highlights of the night (being a makeup addict myself- the design of this cake blew me away). I was impressed by the colors, attention to detail and layout of  the “beauty cake” created by Camz Creations.

Glam Fairy cast members Kyrzayda Rodriguez dressed beautifully by Once Upon a Skirt and Victoria Doroshenko rocked Chanel  (you can never go wrong in Chanel). These girls are serious fashionistas! I can’t wait to see what they will wear next! I got a chance to chat with VH1′s Elizabeth Vashisht who wore my two favorite things in life — pink and glitter in a hot fun strapless dress from Hot Miami Styles (I will be checking out this site).  Elizabeth shined in her dress. I really enjoyed chatting with her. I’m sure we will all be seeing big things from her…stay tuned!

My good friends Kalyn Nicole Braun and  Paul Lewis from Style’s hot show Big Rich Texas stepped out on the red carpet looking like a real life Barbie and Ken. I got a little scoop on the upcoming wedding (stayed tuned it’s going be fabulous). I  truly enjoyed my time with them.  Kalyn always treats her fans  and admirers fabulously.  Other friends of mine I must include because they bring a fun vibe to every party they attend; model Gina Marie Zimms and Valerie Lynn Krsulic founder of the foundation Angels Without Wings. Both of these girls are to me what being a true fashionista is — their confidence and beauty shines and they bring positivity to the events I attend. I must say I was thrilled to see my favorite NJ pageant girl Kayla Marie who is also the founder of Teens Living With Celiac.  She looked adorable and has a heart of gold for always giving back to her community.

You read it here: I ‘m predicting a fabulous new season of  Jerseylicious! Tune into the Style network every Monday night at 8pm to catch your weekly dose of glamour, beauty, fashion and drama!

Brittany Connors, reporting for

Twitter: @danaprigge, @brittyygracee

Brittany with Kalyn Braun of Big Rich Texas and Elizabeth of Tough Love


Brittany (DF contributor) with Victoria and Kyrzayda of Glam Fairy

Hi, everyone!! A true ‘fashionista’ or ‘fashionisto’ believes in the safety of all living creatures!!  Leave it to the creator of PoshBoutique MontvilleJairo Arias to create an event celebrating both fashion and charity in the most unique way. This sparkling, sexy and fashion forward evening was held to benefit the New Jersey Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  The season’s hottest swimwear looks from Cuban designer Christina Sanchez graced the runway including debuts of her Summer 2012 Collection. Bold cuts, vibrant colors and Latin flavor dominated the evening as gorgeous models strutted their stuff in the sultriest of bikinis — I almost thought I was in South Beach, Miami for a moment! The event was hosted by the blond beauty Jacquelina Bianchi from Style Network’s Jerseylicious (who, I might add is a really great role model).

I had the pleasure of attending this event with designer Mandy Esposito and Gina Cappozza of  As we entered the venue UPtownI knew I was in for quite a night! I also spotted the lovely Nicole Amy of Nicole Amy Fragrances, actor/writer Will Love, entrepreneur Phil Amato of the NJSPCA and Tanya Jessica of luxe handbag-brand Sorial. I love events that are thrown in New York City, but you would be surprised by the exciting events that my New Jersey contacts host as well.

I was immediately greeted by the hottest beats spun by DJ Andrew Mendez and beautiful models body-painted to look like animals (breath-taking). Hairstylist Samantha Maxcy was styling and creating looks that were very Brigitte Bardot inspired. Tropical drinks set the mood and the stylish crowd anticipated one of the hottest runway shows of the Summer to begin! Jairo Arias owner of PoshBoutique Montville styles some very famous faces and (ahem) bodies, too — Melissa Gorga, Kathy Wakile and Teresa and Joe Giudice (all from ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’) can be found perusing the racks at the boutique at any given time. Peggy Tanous (‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’),  Jacquelina Bianchi and Olivia Blois Sharpe from ‘Jerseylicious’, performing artist Mya and TV personalities such as Rachel Diaz (levantate , Primer Impacto Telemundo) are all devoted fans of Arias & his wares.

Arias believes that a woman has the right to dress sexy if she chooses and that some husbands have even thanked him for making certain their wives look fabulous! Single ladies, this is the shop for you too with edgy brands such as Alexia Admor , Body Language, Fashion Spy, Lucca Couture, Sorial, and Stiletto by Nicole Amy fragrances.

Enjoy this amazing video below to catch all of the high-energy, fashion and show-stopping looks to see for yourself why PoshBoutique is a true fashionista’s boutique of choice!!

Dana Prigge’ of and Jacquelina Bianchi from ‘Jerseylicious’ all smiles in support for the NJSPCA!

Jairo Arias owner of Posh Boutique and designer Mandy Esposito strike a pose in support of the wonderful evening!

Dana Prigge’ wearing Charlotte Russe, Gina Gapozza dressed in Charlotte Russe and Mandy Esposito.

Various media entities were there dressed in Posh and ready to cover all of the action! They even interviewed yours truly about my take on why charities geared towards animal welfare are so important!

Dana Prigge’ chatting with the press.

Guests enjoyed posing on the step-and-repeat with gorgeous model Joelle Leigh!

Photo credit: Harry Salcedo, Briella Calafiore of ‘Jerseylicious’ and ‘The Glam Fairy’ hits the beach!

Yes, that’s right all of you ‘Jersey’ fans — the Season 3 Premiere of Jerseylicious went off without a hitch at New Jersey hot-spot 4Sixty6 Lounge! The new hair-raising season is being featured during Sundays at 8pm on the Style Network!! One of my favorites on the show Briella Calafiore most definitely has more of a leading role this season and I’m really excited about it! I also couldn’t help but notice this gorgeous beach-shot that the talented photographer Harry Salcedo recently captured of Briella (stunning). In other news, brand-new this season is another blonde beauty Jacquelina Bianchi (who is Olivia’s long time childhood friend).

Season 3 of the uber popular Jerseylicious certainly will not disappoint those looking to watch drama, catch glittery fashion and laugh at comedy! What I love the most about the cast (most of who I know personally) is that they are VERY real!! Their personas go way beyond limitations and the cast is truly entertaining in a way that only ‘Jersey’ can deliver.  The kick-off event held at 4Sixty6 Lounge was attended by the entire ‘Jerseylicious’ cast (pictured, below) as well as new cast members of Alexa Prisco’s Style Network spin-off series, ‘The Glam Fairy.’

Mike Aktari, Anthony Lombardi, Gayle Giacomo,Christy Ann Stabile Pereira,Olivia Blois Sharpe, Tracy Di Marco, Jacquelina Bianchi, Briella Calafiore, Filippo Giove, Lorenzo Gangala, of ‘Jerseylicious’

Alexa Hand of ‘The Glam Fairy’, Tracy DiMarco of ‘Jerseylicious’ and Jessica Romano of ‘The Glam Fairy’

Briella Calafiore and Tracy DiMarco in a Savee Couture dress from Reve Boutique.

Anthony Lombardi, Alexa Prisco, Olivia Blois Sharpe, Jacquelina Bianchi, Gayle Giacomo of ‘Jerseylicious’


Olivia Blois Sharpe from “Jerseylicious” and Dana Prigge of Daily Fashionista.

Ok, everyone. Since, “perfect is perfectly…boring” — I’m happy to announce I’m joining my friends on the Style Network’s and E!’sJerseylicious.” All I’m allowed to say is that I’m going to be there. The scene I’m a part of is sure to be hilarious.

My family lovingly refers to me as “Lucille Ball” so I’m pleased to live up to my nickname. We are shooting on location and it’s going to be hysterical I’m sure. Everyone from the show is amazing and have been so very nice to me!! I can’t wait!


Meital and your fashionista! She especially put this look together just for me!


This Only Hearts top and Badgley Mischka skirt made for a “hot” combination!

Hi, everyone! At Daily Fashionista we love to stand-apart from the crowd. Gone are the days when wearing a basic “black” dress is my first choice du jour from my closet. When this fashionista has a party, event or something special to attend — I want to feel exactly that way — very special. Ladies everywhere are visiting Meital Benaroya at REVE NEW YORK in Englewood, NJ to get their daily dose of fashion inspiration. Located right outside of Manhattan this super-stylish boutique is a fashionista’s paradise. All that glitters and sparkles can be found here — it’s fun to be girly, again — but with that sophisticated edge.

The various styles from designers such as Mandalay, Baccio Couture, Sky and Badgley Mischka are some of the most sought after looks — even by celebrities!! I had the opportunity to try on the actual Baccio Couture dress that my favorite songstress Katie Perry wore to the VMA’s (how exciting). Little Kim can be found perusing the racks at any given time. The bright yellow dress that Taylor Swift strutted her stuff in is sold at REVE NEW YORK as well. Paris Hilton’s glittering Mandalay birthday dress? Yes, the stunning sociallite’s favorite dress covered in glittering sequins – a true masterpiece- was worn by yours truly!

Speaking of masterpieces — I need to talk about the prom dresses offered at REVE NEW YORK. It was so nice to see so many fresh-faced and pretty young ladies stopping by Meital’s boutique to be “styled” by Meital for their proms. One of the most adorable scenes I have experienced in awhile in the fashion world, was the gorgeous teen, Elissa, trying on her prom dress choices. She then called her boyfriend who happened to be in the neighborhood and proudly showed him which styles she thought he might like. Everyone in the store melted. Not only did this young lady look absolutely stunning in her Baccio Couture gown, but the entire store lit-up with happiness.

The atmosphere at REVE NEW YORK is extremely welcoming. A fashionista might think that a shop that sells “fancy” dresses may be cold or have an “elite” vibe. Not, the case at this gorgeous shop! Meital, her mother and the other boutique employees really care about every single customer that walks into the door (I know, because I saw this first hand.) I also saw Meital hard at work — taking her various clients needs into consideration while choosing fashionable styles for them. People of all ages shop at REVE NEW YORK. There were even some mother-daughter visitors, too!

Meital has been styling the cast of Style Network’s hit show, “Jerseylicious.” Alexa Prisco ( and in one of the episodes — Olivia dazzled a fashion show audience while showcasing Meital’s breath-taking dresses on the runway! Meital’s sparkling specialty dresses have appeared on The Style Network, PEOPLE magazine and other mainstream media outlets. You can also find Teresa Guidice at REVE NEW YORK selecting her next show-stopping ensemble.

“Thank-you” to Meital for making me look and feel confident! Also note that Meital has a caring lay-away plan, so all my hard-working fashionistas can afford that fabulous dress you’ve been dreaming of.


This Ema Savahl creation is simply beautiful


This Ema Savahl dress that Katy Perry favors — is actually designed with unique puffy paint!


The rockin’ dress that Katy Perry wore to the VMA’s!


Another fashionista favorite was this gorgeous Baccio Couture sea-foam gown. I felt like a pretty mermaid.


Meital chose this Sky dress which she thought enhanced my tan.


Meital sells the exact shimmering yellow creation that both Taylor Swift and Paris Hilton love to wear!


Paris Hilton in Mandalay - one of her favorite brands to wear


Dana (your fashionista) striking a pose in Mandalay


Taylor Swift takes the stage in a similiar stunning dress


Daily Fashionista reader and REVE customer, Elissa — shines for her prom!


REVE NEW YORK is the ‘it’ place to shop in order to feel and look like a true super-style-diva! Their head stylist Meital will have you looking like a celebrity with ease.”

Dana Prigge’, Daily Fashionista


Dana Prigge’ (Daily Fashionista) and Olivia from the hit Style Network show — “JERSEYLICIOUS

“A girl never forgets who did her first smokey eye.”

Olivia Blois Sharpe, Jerseylicious“ 

Fashionistas, I can’t wait for season two of “Jerseylicious” to start. Public Relations guru,Lizzie Grubman was right when she said to always be proud of where you’re from! I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with these gorgeous, intelligent women and it has made me feel so good! Girl Power!


Daily Fashionista having a blast with fans of the hit Style Network show, JERSEYLICIOUS


Alexa Prisco creator/owner of and her glamorous fairies celebrating the show’s success!


Alexa Prisco star of Jerseylicious on the Style Network

As some of you may know, I’m proudly a “Jersey-girl.” Some people think I hail from the Big Apple, but that is not “the situation.” I have to say that part of being a confident and successful person is being proud of where you are from. Public relations guru Lizzie Grubman said something very smart to me as we were getting on an elevator just a few short years ago. I had mentioned that I thought there was a certain “stigma” attached to being from Jersey. Lizzie’s advice was, “be proud of who you are and where you are from.” Her supportive words have always stuck with me. Bruce Willis, Jack Nicholson, Brooke Shields, and Whitney Houston are all from The Garden State!

Another strong fashionista who’s making things happen is Alexa Prisco, the owner/founder of all things glamorous and beautiful ( Alexa is also the star of a new hit reality show, Jerseylicious on Sunday nights at 10pm on the Style Network. The show is based upon top metro-area hairstylists and makeup mavens at the newly renovated, Gatsby Salon. I had the pleasure of being invited by Alexa, herself, and her glamorous manager Nicole to a private preview screening party of “Jerseylicious.” Of course, I was excited to meet everyone. You see, they represent the very reason why I started this web-site. Women supporting other women in business has always been a focus for me. I’m very motivated by strong women like Alexa and her team of glam ladies.

The Glam Fairy is an on-site makeover company that will have you looking YOUR BEST ever. I emphasize the word “best” because they did my make-up last week and I can’t tell you how many people said that I looked really “hot” in my pictures. Being a journalist first and a fashionista close-second — I took the compliments from everyone with sincerity. I have had my makeup done many times before, but this time things were quite different. Alexa Prisco is rated the New York/New Jersey area makeup guru. After my personal “Glam Fairy” experience, it’s crystal clear why. Alexa is the real deal, ladies. She is confident, out-spoken in a good way, pretty, smart, focused and was very genuine towards me. I have been around enough fashionistas to know when I’m meeting “the best” there is. Alexa is “it” when it comes to glamour and perfect makeup.

Part of being a true fashionista is the flexibility to let your guard down. Sometimes that can be hard — but we need to take a chance. I know I have a pretty face, but my lips are full and my eyes are somewhat smaller. I have always felt that my lips stand-out but not my eyes. Alexa’s “glam fairies” balanced my face with a magical makeup application. My skin glowed, eyes sparkled, lips shined — all with the right amount. I sort of felt like Goldilocks, finally discovering what was just right!

I met up with Alexa and herGlam Fairies” at her studio location near Edgewater, NJ, along the Hudson over-looking the spectacular Manhattan skyline. It was just as though I was on the tv show! Her studio is amazing and her beauty product selection had me drooling. Alexa likes to use MAC makeup, but she also favors Chanel along with other vast products in her beauty brigade. I was told that I had nice skin and that Creme de La Mer is the one thing I should add into my beauty routine in order to keep my skin that way. Next my makeup was skillfully, carefully and enthusiastically applied by the creative Glam Fairy Katia. She said I was a bronze babe and thought with the spring look I was wearing those hues would compliment by complexion. With a swoop of blush, dash of high-lighter, lashes perfected, pout polished — I was good to go. My face was “set” with a special MAC “setting” spray. I have to say that my makeup lasted all night. Even though I’m exposed because of what I do to the latest products all the time — I certainly learned a new thing or two at Alexa’s Glam Fairy studio.

Now, it was off to the “Jerseylicious” Premiere Party! Alexa certainly knows how to host one “fab” soiree. I guess that’s why they have also branched out with an event planning business, called Glam Events (! Delicious cocktails were served, sweet-treats in abundance and savory northern-italian dishes were catered by Michael Anthony’s. A highlight of the party was the Fantasty Fountains decadent chocolate fountain which really captured my eye and taste-buds ( I certainly dipped a few strawberries in there). The whole atmosphere was totally glamorized by a HOT pink motif. The private screening room was packed as everyone watched the premiere episode of Jerseylicious! Alexa, Olivia and Briella who appear on the show were there watching along with all of us.

I have to say that “Jerseylicious” is definitely one of my new favorite shows to watch! Alexa, a master expert in what she does best — make-overs — keeps it “real” on the show! Her vibrant, outgoing and confident personality truly had me entertained. Ladies, she is someone to watch and learn from. I was truly impressed by her and the other girls! I want to thank them for showing this fashionista a new level in hospitality that evening. I feel as if I made some new friends! A special thank you to Alexa Prisco and Nicole Marie. We fashionistas will be certain to meet up socially sometime very soon!

I’m also extremely excited about hosting an amazing Fashion Show with The Sassy Shop Girl, makeup by Alexa Prisco and her Glam Fairies. The “Spring Twist” Fashion Show will also be highlighted by in-person appearances by some of The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast members, taking place on April 28th! Looking forward to seeing you there! More fashionable details to come!


Head makeup artist, Katia, perfecting my pretty-look for the party!


Briella’s boyfriend, Murad and I!


When it comes to the choice of buying clothing or gas. Olivia from “Jerseylicious” chooses a new outfit! Makes perfect sense to me!


Nicole the hot “glammy” manager and hairstylist extraordinaire — the sizzling Briella


My friends Amanda, Ashley (models) and I enjoying the night! These girls know that “animal-prints” are in!


Katia the gorgeous makeup artist that made your fashionista feel wonderful


Daily Fashionista readers I met at the event!


Sweet treats for the sweet fashionistas! These ladies know how to celebrate with chocolate covered strawberries!


What a wonderful night! I love the way Alexa’s “Glam Fairies” perfected my make-up!

The fairies loved my Jane Basch custom “D” intitial necklace!


Cool screening room where we enjoyed cocktails and delicious snacks!


The popular Alexa Prisco and her fashionistas!


The decadent sweet-treats and hot decor by Glam Events!


I adored myGlam Fairy experience!

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