Tracy DiMarco on the set of hit Style and E! Network show “Jerseylicious.”

With anticipation building for the Season 3 premiere of  “Jerseylicious” Sunday, May 15th on the Style Network — Tracy DiMarco is looking sassier than ever!!  This ambitious fashionista is currently in Pasadena CA at a NBC Summer Press Day with Paris Hilton, Joan Rivers, Melissa Rivers, Sharon Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, CeeLo Green, Nick Cannon, & Jeannie Mai – just to name a few!!  This stylish diva finished off the day with some tasty sushi in Hollywood. People everywhere enjoy Tracy’s entertaining and humorous quotes!

“The higher your hair, the closer you are to heaven”.   — Tracy DiMarco


This quote is so popular that Tracy even has a t-shirt line designed with the saying! For further information, click here.


“To Home Depot I go! My daddy said I’m too dressed up — I said: the world is my runway”

Alexa Hand from Style Network’s “Glam Fairy Special”



E! Network and Style Network star, Alexa Prisco of “Jerseylicious

Hi, fashionistas! I don’t know about you, but this fashionista seems like she’s always on-the-go! The fact of the matter is, I’m on the go — but, I always want to look & feel “pretty.” With the new year here, thoughts of re-newing my look are dancing in my head. I came across this amazing make-up tutorial from the “Glam Fairy” herself, Alexa Prisco. I really admire Alexa! First of all, she has the guts to go on web camera without any make-up on!? Then, she shows us ladies how to achieve a fabulous new look for 2011. The thing about Alexa is that she truly empowers women everywhere to look beautiful and be strong! Oh, and Alexa uses beauty terms, such as “orbital bone” which once again demonstrates she’s a true fashionista, beauty, make-up expert! Thanks for the dazzling tips, Alexa! I can’t wait to try these out — tonite. Oh, and a friendly fashionista hello to Rue — your cute little dog.

For further information and all things “glam”, visit — also known as “the best” bridal make-up in the industry.



Dana (Daily Fashionista) and Briella from “Jerseylicious

Dana’s outfit: Reve New York

Hi, my beautiful readers!! Do I have a special treat for you! I just got back from an exclusive interview with Briella and Anthony from the hit Style Network and E! show– “Jerseylicious.”

The handsome Anthony from the show was also a pleasure to talk to. They represent the “Jerseylicious” show and the Garden State with style and pizazz!!

Video coming soon!! Join Daily Fashionista as we watch the Season 2 premiere of Jerseylicious, September 5th at 8pm on the Style Network! I will have my popcorn all ready for the fun and excitement that only a show like this can bring!! See you then!

A special thank you to the Style Network & E! for stopping by Daily Fashionista and enjoying the site!!


Anthony and I striking a “Jerseylicious” pose


Hottie Alexa Prisco from “Jerseylicious” and Dana Prigge’ from Daily Fashionista


My “Jerseylicious” makeover perfected by!

Hi, my fellow New Jersey fashionistas!! That’s right! A brand new sparkling Season 2 of one of my favorite shows, “Jerseylicious” will begin airing sooner than you can bat your long, curled eye-lashes. (*wink*)

Word on the street is that this fashionista, meaning yours truly is scheduled to interview some of the stars of this hit E! Network and Style Network Show! As Public Relations expert Lizzie Grubman always told me, “be proud of where you are from!”

Although many people think I hail from Manhattan — I’m really a Jersey Girl at heart. What do I admire the most about the “Jerseylicious” show? The fact that these independant beauty specialists are confident enough in their own skin that they can make other women feel amazing!! Now, that’s a sign of true fashionista power and inherent beauty talent!

More exciting details to come!! A shout-out to my fave fashionista and make-up guru, Alexa Prisco from “Jerseylicious” and You truly inspire so many fashionistas out there to go-for-it!! See you soon, Alexa!

*For a sneak-peak and preview of Season 2, click here!!


Your fashionista all the way to the left at the “Jerseylicious” taping!

Great to be a part of a popular E! and Style Network show when I was on the “Jerseylicious” set the other evening!! All I can say is that Season 2 is going to be more exciting, hysterical, and better than ever!!


Alexa Prisco and I — Miss Glammy!! (


Olivia Blois Sharpe from “Jerseylicious” and Dana Prigge of Daily Fashionista.

Ok, everyone. Since, “perfect is perfectly…boring” — I’m happy to announce I’m joining my friends on the Style Network’s and E!’sJerseylicious.” All I’m allowed to say is that I’m going to be there. The scene I’m a part of is sure to be hilarious.

My family lovingly refers to me as “Lucille Ball” so I’m pleased to live up to my nickname. We are shooting on location and it’s going to be hysterical I’m sure. Everyone from the show is amazing and have been so very nice to me!! I can’t wait!

My friend Briella Marie Calafiore from the E! Network and Style Network show, “Jerseylicious” shares her favorite MAC lipsticks. A pretty pout is a fashionista’s best asset! Work it. Thank you to Briella for sharing her tips with Daily Fashionista! I’m proud to say that these talented ladies and everyone from are my fashionista friends.



Alexa Prisco -”The Glam Fairy”, Dana Prigge’ and Katia – Master Artist

Compliments are always welcome! The makeup guru & my respected colleague Alexa Prisco was gracious enough to include me on her “Glam Fairy“( website. Alexa is the star of the hit Style Network show “Jerseylicious.”

Everybody is aware of Alexa’s talents and excellent work-ethic, so it’s very flattering for this fashionista to be recognized by her. Alexa Prisco is a real third-dimensional fashionista — she embodies intelligence, business savvy, strength and beauty. Her company “The Glam Fairy” has done my makeup on several occasions and I’ve never looked better!! I’m looking forward to a sparkling new season of “Jerseylicious” and I know you join me in wishing her well!

To read what Alexa wrote about me, click here! This year- I’ve really met some amazing fashionistas. Thank you for truly inspiring me.


Alexa Prisco, star of “JERSEYLICIOUS” and Dana Prigge’


Having a blast at the stylish JERSEYLICIOUS Premiere Party! Everyone loved my Jane Basch custom necklace!

Hi fashionistas! We just strolled in from a extremely inspiring, cool, fun and happy evening! There is a lot of buzz surrounding The Style Network’s new hit show, “JERSEYLICIOUS.” This show is supposed to be even bigger than MTV’s “Jersey Shore.”

The amazingly talented make-up artist/star of this new reality show Alexa Prisco invited your fashionista to join her exclusive premiere party held along the Gold Coast overlooking Manhattan. I have to say I was so impressed by Alexa! She is a young, savvy, sexy businesswoman that truly has it “goin’-on.”

I had such a wonderful time with everyone from the show! The girls are not only “hot” but were super cool! Alexa and her “Glam Fairies” perfected my make-up and then we were off to the JERSEYLICIOUS Premiere Screening! A special thank you to Alexa and Nicole! I’m looking forward to seeing Alexa and The Glam Fairies again at the fashion show I’m hosting in a few weeks!

More juicy details on this fab night, coming up!


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