Head Crowns

Brittany’s Look: Crown by gla.Mar.ous, Dress by Charlotte Russe

Article by: Brittany Connors for

A haute headband is most definitely in-style well into the holiday season. I needed a notice me look for a seasonal party I was attending and paired a dazzling headband from gla.Mar.ous with a sleek dress from Charlotte Russe and the compliments never stopped!

What better way than to have a little fun and dress up your look. What I love about these headbands by gla.Mar.ous is that they have a patented zipper design that will not give you a headache — so they fit your head perfectly and with stylish ease every time you wear them. From crowns, to flowered halos to chains, she really has it all! Tweet @Brittyygracee and @DanaPrigge and share which styles you love. I had the opportunity to chat with Mary the creator of this innovative accessories line to learn more!
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Dana Prigge writer NYC skyline

Dana Prigge’ Editor-in-Chief of wearing some of her favorite fall pieces!

I know how it is to be busy. Owning a wardrobe that works is so important! I wanted to share a few of my fashion favorites of the season with you. Scoring a note-worthy look also doesn’t have to break the bank! By using a keen eye and keeping in the loop about the latest sales, promotions and great brands you can easily create a seasonal wardrobe that works. The gorgeous New York City skyline served as the perfect backdrop for some of my top fall style must-haves!
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Dana Prigge journalist

Dana’s ensemble:

Peplum top:  Century21 Stores

Pants: Charlotte Russe

Necklace: Jane Basch jewelry

Ring: Gemvara

 White pants was at Lincoln Center for the first day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week! One thing is for certain — fashion has no boundaries. And rules are made to be broken. Who ever said you can’t wear white after Labor Day clearly hasn’t received the fashionista memo (*wink*). There are many ways you can still wear your favorite white or off white slack well into the fall and winter. With that thought in mind, I decided to style my own look as a fashionable example. When you break the rules, you have more fun! The perfect pants can go a long way.
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Dana Prigge Dailyfashionista

Dana’s Look:

Dress: Dear Hannah, Hoboken, N.J.

Necklace & Bracelets: Jane Basch Jewelry

Jacket: Charlotte Russe

Hair-cut: Xquisite Salon Hoboken, N.J.

Lipstick: Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore

Smile: Genuine (*wink*)

Dana Prigge fashionista

With Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week upon us, is busy planning their schedule; fashion shows, soirees, hot parties, celeb-interviews, photo-shoots, personal appearances and the like. With a productive and busy week ahead, styling key looks is a fashionable-must. It’s an interesting time of year, because we are no longer in the summer mode, but not quite full into fall mode. I also love supporting local businesses as well as big brands! Let’s view the latest for fall and get ready to hit the runway!
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Ali & Kris showroom

Article by: Jacinda Carlisle for gets invited to many of the hottest events in the city that never sleeps and that’s always fashionable — Manhattan. Here’s the scoop on a few of our favorite events this summer. For more fashionable updates stop by the Facebook page.

Ali & Kris (A & K) recently threw a fashionable bash, their “Reality Runway” campaign launch event, to reveal their new website and preview the latest fashions from their collection. DailyFashionista was invited to celebrate! The party went down in A & K’s NYC Midtown Showroom and was quite the festive site to behold!
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$T2eC16hHJHEE9ny2tlIGBRFbfBn0o!~~60_3 (2)

At Dailyfashionista we are often inspired by celeb or high-end looks. We absolutely adore this fab mint Chanel boucle jacket, with trim. Since mint is so on trend this season and we are really into this look, DF is going to share how to score it for less.

We figured this would also look perfect with our brand new Go Ginza by Essie manicure. When writer favorites such as Lauren Conrad and Aimee Song wear a nail color - Dailyfashionista takes fashionable note!

Go Ginza by Essie

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Dana Prigge’ Editor in Chief of Dailyfashionista strikes a pose in Poetik Designs

My Forever 21 fedora, Jane Basch monogram necklace and Ravishing bracelets added something special to my look!

As a fashion journalist, I really enjoy wearing clothing that enables me to stand-out from the crowd, but still has that chic side to it. Over this past year, I discovered a really fun brand called Poetik Designs. Based in Manhattan, they have their stylish pulse on what is hip, hot, energetic, stylish and above all unique. Their line of t-shirts feature bright pops of color with ultra- cool graphics and a flattering fit. The line also encapsulates a broad range of fashions for men with t-shirts, cardigans, polos (all adorned with street-inspired artwork) and bow ties that can make any man look dapper!

I decided to snap a few fun photos of myself wearing the line that I wanted to share with the Dailyfashionista readers. Some of my personal favorites for spring are the First Lady t-shirt and the Ms. in Your Dreams off-the-shoulder style (certain to turn a few heads). The brand has a sassy edge to it.

Dailyfashionista also likes the fashion forward Poetik Designs line because it’s affordable. Having a personal sense of style doesn’t have to break the bank! It’s also great to be able to style a shirt your own way. I added a great heel and leggings from Charlotte Russe, monogram necklace by Jane Basch, bracelets by Ravishing Jewelry, purse by Sorial and a cute fedora from Forever 21.  A Steve Madden coat from Nordstrom completed my ensemble.

About Poetik Designs:

To truly know your sense of style, means that you must first know your sense of self. Understanding that your fashion choices are an extension of your personality is at the forefront of creation for Poetik Designs. Much of our inspiration comes from the struggles and triumphs of everyday life. We strive to create pieces that inspire and illuminate the person wearing them in a way that not only speaks to ones fashion sense, but also to their commitment to social change.

Our design aesthetic embodies strong color choices, intricate detailing, impactful graphics, and poignant messaging that speaks to the heart of our consumer. Ultimately, the brand prides itself on embracing the concept of poetry and having something meaningful to say. With change being the constant in everyone’s life, we strive to infuse the style and trends of today with a timeless approach that will be relatable and likeable through all phases of ones life. Creating a visual platform for our consumer’s voices to not only be heard, but also be felt, is the uniqueness behind Poetik Designs.

Finding your voice in one of our designs is the greatest indication that we are achieving our goals. Everyone has a voice, we’re just helping you put it into words. Poetik Designs: Where Style Speaks.

In Your Dreams off-the-shoulder shirt

Poetik Designs handsome bow-ties

Ready for a night out in the town. Brittany’s dress: Charlotte Russe

Necklace: Designer piece from Chris Nicole Prince

Interview by: Brittany – Dailyfashionista contributor

Hi Dailyfashionista readers! With the New Year here — it’s the perfect time to have fun with your look. I recently picked up an original Chris Nicole Prince bib necklace from her fabulous collection. This is a truly unique piece! I take pride in being an accessory princess, but I have nothing like this in my wardrobe until now! It’s exciting because adding a new fun piece can change up so many looks in my closet. I personally loved wearing my bib necklace with a sleek dress, but I could also pair this with a cute sweater, leggings and boots! I’ve received many compliments so far and it’s a conversation starter! I was lucky enough to chat with Chris (hip NY’er and designer) about this collection! I wanted to share what I learned with all of the aspiring fashionistas out there.

Your bib necklaces are very unique and original, where do you get your inspiration from?

The original inspiration, on a personal level, came from making these necklaces as a form of therapy when my mother became ill. She was a European beauty with enormous flair and I was driven by the opportunity to create something by hand. I was working as an interior designer and found many similarities between fashion design and fashion for the home. What started as a hobby evolved into a business as women would stop me to inquire about them every time I wore one. The first time this happened was at a summer charity event in East Hampton and the rest, as they say, is history.

On a design level, inspiration for my necklaces come from art as well as nature. The juxtaposition of positive and negative space and the bold colors derive from the abstract art movement. A long career as an interior designer has shaped the strong emphasis I have on spatial relationships. Certain artists, like Matisse, have also influenced how I look at form. When I use a subtle color palette, or materials like feathers or wood, then I go to nature for direction. There are no mistakes in nature… just look at the plumes of a bird or a blazing red sunset.

What materials do you use in each stunning piece that you make?

Materials vary, as each piece is an original, but the basic necklace is made from felt with grois grain ribbon ties. I add leather, suede, feathers, silver, various “stones” and other ornamentation that are organic and tactile. Many fabrics are from the home sector…resources I use for my interiors… like ultra suede and patent leather. I’m always combing unusual shops for something I can incorporate into a necklace. I never stop looking!

Which pieces in every women’s closet will work best with your bib necklaces & how will that change their entire look?

My collection is extremely versatile. The pieces can work with a dress or a sweater like a crew or turtleneck or a simple t-shirt (all staples in a woman’s closet). Pair one with jeans and a t-shirt and you are ready for a casual weekend. Wear the same necklace with a knit sweater, pencil skirt and heels, and you are set for work. Add some blinged out earrings and you are headed for an evening out. I love that my necklaces look great with bold colors, black, neutrals and for the more fashion adventurous, prints. As an interior designer I have always felt that accessories individualize a room. Take the same sofa with the same fabric and change out the throw pillows and you alter the appearance. No two sofas will look the same. I translated this to fashion design. Take the same black dress and put on a different accessory– a scarf or necklace and you have a totally new look. The only difference is you are “dressing yourself up versus dressing up your home.” That is what my necklaces are all about — transforming basics into a unique and special fashion statement.




Dana Prigge’ at RDV: NYC hotspot previewing the DC Comics Noir Collection.

Dana’s look: Dress Charlotte Russe and super hero-makeup, necklace Jane Basch monogems monogram

With record breaking numbers of people attending events such as Comic-Con, one thing is certain. Just about everyone male or female loves a good comic-book story! I recently, was remided of this when I was asked to attend a very cool event in Manhattan at hip spot RDV to catch a glimpse of the latest from jewelry brand nOir and DC Comics.  At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was so surprised and excited at the same time. It was an opportunity for us adults to dress up, have fun and feel powerful! My favorite pieces were the SuperGirl and Wonder Woman jewelry, of course! The Gotham City ring was also amazing, glittering and wild.

All “blinged” out the Super-Girl way

Have the city in “the palm of your hand” or at least on your hand with the Gotham City ring!

The Wonder Woman collection was by far my favorite!

Upon that fashionable notion, I wanted to share other fun Super Hero pieces that will allow you to be the hero or heroine (shall I say) in your own life! I also found this amusing quote below. I guess in my life – my golden lasso is really my thin gold braided belt (*wink).

“No one can resist the golden lasso. It binds all who are encircled and compels them to tell… the truth!” – Wonder Woman

Here are some other fun items that I discovered:

Invite a few of your best gal pals over, order pizza & enjoy watching this classic Wonder Woman collection

Besides rocking a piece of festive jewelry, you can dress the part with this flirty WW t-shirt

Be a super hero in the kitchen and cook up a storm with this funky Kitchen Aid mixer

I think most of us are visual creatures. We are influenced by our surroundings. I took cue from the glittering city scenes around town, when I was deciding upon what to do with my nails for New Years Eve. Whether you are painting the town red in your Louboutins (I own a pair I proudly purchased all on my own), going to dinner with that special someone, or attending a casual laid back party — I have the PERFECT nail combination for you! Remember, you can add more glitter if you like or keep it chic and simple like I did! Personalization is key to rocking all looks with confidence!

Let’s face it, even the girls and ladies who don’t always go for the glitter will do so come the holiday season. It’s a time to be festive, free, playful, flirty and have fun! Did I also mention that this look will literally go well with any outfit you chose!

Here are the fashionable details:

1) File nails to desired shape and length

2) Use a base-coat of your favorite clear (I prefer Essie)

3) Use two coats of Sugar Daddy by Essie, a very pale nude pink

4) With the Glamorous cosmetics Nail Art Pen in Gold Deluxe, paint a line along the natural tip of your nail

5) Be sure to allow your nails to dry before applying your favorite top-coat!

Viola! You are sparkling and ready to take on that NEW YEAR!

Happy New Year from Dana of!

This nail-look goes well with this gorgeous metallic sweater from Charlotte Russe ( I personally own this and love it).

This nailpolish combo would also look fab with this great metallic dress (also, from Charlotte Russe).

Maybe, I’ll opt for this dress as seen below, which will look amazing with this nailpolish look I chose!

Ok, here I am in the center, all ready for the NEW year in my CR dress! 3,2,1 — HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m also wearing my favorite Jane Basch design monogram necklace, that I cannot live without!

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