SouthWest NY in NYC

Editor-in-Chief of Dana Prigge’ enjoying an ultra-fab frozen drink! My favorite Jane Basch monogram necklaces (layered) completed my chic fashion look for the evening ahead.

DailyFashionista always has its pulse on the hottest spots! With the July 4th holiday almost here, many of you are thinking about what to do and where to go. If you are planning to stay in the NYC/NJ metro area, I have the perfect spot for you! I had the opportunity to dine at SouthWest NY recently and the frozen drinks and food are really delicious. If you’re like me, a well-made frozen drink with the best ingredients can most definitely add a smile to your face after a long work day! The drink I had when I was there is called “The Swirl” (frozen margarita with a swirl of sangria) and let me tell you it was amazing. I also tried a few of their dishes and the calamari was cooked to perfection – light and crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. If you like fondue ( a lot of people do), the Cueso Fundido (mexican fondue – blend of asadero, chihuahua & cheddar cheeses, house made chorizo, salsa verde; with soft flour tortillas) is really cheesy and tasty. For dinner, I highly recommend the Pan Seared Striped Bass Veracruzana (mexican oregano scented couscous with a spiced tomato-olive-caper sauce).
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Hi, everyone!! A lot is going on over at and I wanted to keep you in the fashionable loop — so to speak!! The Summer is finally here and a season we may find ourselves socializing more than usual! I like to have a special piece of jewelry that can basically be worn to jazz up an everyday look to a special evening affair! In walks jewelry designer Jane Basch with her custom monogram necklaces, earrings and bracelets that will be certain to keep you noticed!! Celebrities such as Demi Moore, Debra Messing, JLO, Kendra Wilkinson and Ashley Tisdale wear her pieces again and again! But, don’t be fooled — Jane’s pieces are also affordable and gorgeous– made especially with care (as well as, high quality).

Right now, she has a few contests going on to WIN FREE jewelry from her signature Jane Basch Collections!!

*First Jane is hosting a TEEN VOGUE giveaway — Enter to Win a Jane Basch necklace by clicking here, yes it’s that easy!! (ends June 30th)

* The second contest is via her Jewelry by Jane Basch facebook page. She needs YOU to help create a catchy slogan and the winner receives a gorgeous monogrammed bracelet.  Click here for further information!! (ends Friday, June 24th)

With TWO fabulous ways to win your custom monogrammed Jane Basch jewelry – what are you waiting for?! Looking good and feeling great has never been so easy! I’ve always felt there’s power in wearing your name or initials! I LOVE my Jane Basch “Daily Fashionista” and “D” necklaces!!

GOOD LUCK, everyone!! Men, you can enter and win too!

Dana Prigge’ of


Headband: The Sassy Shop Girl

Necklace: Jane Basch monogram, The Sassy Shop Girl

Shoes: Golden Pixie Wedges, The Sassy Shop Girl


The Sassy Shop Girl” has key accessories needed to create any “stand-out” look with ease.

Hi, ladies! I hope it was a fashionable and socially successful weekend. I’m pleased to report that mine definitely was! One of the things I enjoy in my downtime is sharing an evening with my father. We ate a tasteful Northern Italian dinner of saltimbocca and it was super. My dad (who’s been exposed to a wide variety of fashion here & in Europe) kept complimenting me on my Sassy Shop Girl glittering headband. As a matter of fact, a group of chic girls dining at the next table even asked me where I got it! Now, that’s the true evidence of real appeal. I balanced this look with other quality items, including The Sassy Shop Girl Golden Pixie Wedges, as well as a Jane Basch custom monogram “D” necklace – also sold on The Sassy Shop Girl site. The Sassy Shop Girl merchandise has been featured on television shows like”Dancing With the Stars” and magazines like LIFE AND STYLE.

Recently, I had the pleasure of hosting The Sassy Shop Girl Events’ — Spring Twist at the Grove which literally had women in the audience ooohing and ahhhing over the fashions being showcased during the fashion show that night. There was a very worthwhile cause benefiting from that exciting event, NJ Autism.

There is always a stylish surprise being offered by The Sassy Shop Girl and I suggest you check out their website ( for the very latest and hottest in headbands, shoes, belts and other amazing accessories! Take it from me, it’s high time for you to “get sassy!”


I adore my custom initial “D” Jane Basch “Mono-Gems” necklace


Your fashionista waiting for the train into NYC.

Hi ladies, When I get dressed for a busy day, I always try and pick something out that’s going to make me feel good. Let’s face it — I’m a very positive person, but even your fashionista can get down once in awhile. When I feel this way I always reach for a powerful pick-me-up! Something in my wardrobe that makes me feel powerful, pretty and happy!

There is something to be said about what your intial(s) mean. They represent who you are as a person. Whenever I see the letter “D” it reminds me of so many great/funny life experiences. Like when I was a kid and I would competition swim. My parents and friends would scream “Go-D.” When my first boyfriend said “D, I love you.” Or when my friends would joke around and named me as a gangster rapper “D-licious.” Anyway, my intitial always brings a happy smile to this fashionista’s face!

When I heard about jewelry designer Jane Basch and her special, custom and beautiful statement necklaces I just had to learn more. Her motto is that ” Jewelry should be fun, whimsical, and a celebration of life.” I couldn’t agree with her more! Her pieces have been worn on television shows and featured in many mainstream publications such as THE KNOT.

When I was out most recently, a few girls all in one night asked me where did you get that stunning necklace?!? I mean one after another were approaching me! That’s because Jane’s pieces are total stand-outs! They really make the wearer of the piece feel extra-special. In this world, that’s sometimes what we need more of! Jane custom makes your necklace in sterling silver, gold, diamonds and/or fresh water pearls.

I always wear my sparkling necklace proudly! Today was no exception as I wore it and the necklace instantly made me feel vibrant! For further information, click here to Jane Basch’s uplifting jewelry collection website! See you on the train, fashionistas!

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