The truest form of flattery is when names like Lil Kim, Countess Luann of the hit television show “Real Housewives of New York,” Dina and Caroline Manzo of TV’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey” and other stylish celebrities acclaim the talents of the rising young fashion stylist known as Meital B. Familiarize yourself with this name, fashionistas, she’s someone you want to get to know! Amazing things are in store for this lady whose creative talents have been seen in top publications like US WEEKLY, major television commercials and upscale magazine photo-shoots.

Says Meital B.; “What’s hiding in your closet? Whether you’re hoarding expensive designer mistakes or cheap impulse buys, it’s time to come clean.” Celebrity stylist Meital B., founder of, represents a one-stop online shopping destination for discerning fashionistas everywhere. She utilizes her unique style skills to edit, refine, recycle, reorganize and rejuvenate your current wardrobe.

Meital B. begins her wardrobe consultation with the fashion client directly involved. She doesn’t insist that a person buys an entirely new wardrobe. She simply wants you to discover better ways to wear your current one — sans a few regrettable items that could easily be contenders on What Not To Wear. This fashion expert pares down the excess clothing in your closet to create an uncluttered space with wearable looks that bring out the best of the inner you! Once your closet is unburdened of excess clothing you hardly ever wear, Meital B recommends that it’s high-time to invest in quality items that never go out-of-style!

According to the Meital B. philosophy, one of the best rules for buying is “cost-per-wear.” While a $600 pair of snakeskin thigh-high boots might make you feel like a million bucks, you’re sure to only wear them a brief portion of the year and only with certain out-fits. However, a $600 winter coat that’s both warm and chic can be worn almost daily for nearly half the year. This coat can be worn with almost any type of attire. It’s the same price range for either item, but the coat’s “cost-per-wear” clearly makes it the better investment piece. As founder of, Meital B. is far more than just a fashion stylist. Her range of talents put her in a very special category. The audience she serves is a wide range of discerning women, who want to present themselves in the best possible light. Meital B. will shop with you at “J-Crew to Badgley Mischka” and everywhere in-between. She works with an impressive group of celebrity clients within the metro-NY area who know they can count on her for the latest and greatest in fashion! She believes that style staples mean something different to everyone. Finding a perfect t-shirt brand is a top priority for some, while others focus on purchasing the perfect vintage cocktail dress. No matter who you are, Meital B. has the fashion insight and resources that are to-die for! If you want the fashion experience of a life-time from a genuine expert, you can visit her online boutique For a one-on-one style consultation contact Meital B at: or by phone at 201-500-7271. You’ll be looking and feeling your all-time personal best!

*A 3-Hour initial closet edit and a follow-up costs $500 and a seasonal refresh and one-on-one shopping is $150 an hour.

By Dana Prigge’



Striking a “pose” with the models! I never felt so short before!



That’s me! Excited about the fashions and the super Audi automobiles!

Dana: dressed in SKY, Reve New York

Hi, fashionistas! As we all know, health is true wealth. Recently, your fashionista was a part of a fabulously fashionable evening held at the exquisite Audi Forum on Park Avenue in Manhattan. This powerful, positive and caring evening was thrown by Fashion Fights Cancer. (FFC) is a non-profit organization of designers that works closely with other organizations and the fashion community at large to raise awareness for cancer centers.

The sleek Audi automobiles served as the perfect compliment to the many fashionable designers that were showcasing their latest collections in support of this deserving cause. Among the beautiful designs at this event were pieces from KahriAnne Kerr whose Kahri line definitely caught this fashionista’s eye! Also, the lovely women of Lotis clothing were there showcasing vibrant feminine tops and sassy dresses. The evening was complete with some of the top models in New York City dressed in designer clothing and mingling with the crowd. Given lime infused tequila was one of the top drinks of the evening. It was great to see my colleague Brittany from “She Finds” who was a knock-out wearing her Charlotte Russe black lace-up shoes! Brittany and I were delighted to be able to enjoy the gourmet cupcakes provided by Cupcake Provocateur – cupcake heaven personified! Flash bulbs were going off everywhere as the press converged on the event with enthusiasm. Not to be outdone, television cameras were rolling throughout the evening, providing an extra element of excitement in the air.

Unfortunately, Cancer effects so many of us and our loved ones, so please click here for more information. It was flattering to be part of an evening that was upbeat all-the-way!


My favorite color pink! Adore this dress by Kahri (


Sassing it up with some of the fashionable models!


Brittany Zwillich from “She Finds” and your fashionista!


Pop Chips – pop star pose!! Hanging out with the people from “Pop Chips.”


To-die-for delicious cupcake treats from Cupcake Provocateur (


A night of Audi vrooom and fashion sizzle!


Dana’s dress: Reve New York


Dana, Marie and Julie enjoying the stellar view!

Hi, my caring fashionistas! I truly feel that donating our time to charities and humanistic causes is so important. It’s these caring acts that we do that shape our lives. Being a true fashionista is not solely based upon superficial or material goods. Being a “true fashionista” means that you share what you can with the world. Due to these trying financial times — some of us don’t have the extra money to donate huge amounts to charities. But, even donating a few dollars or volunteering your time means so much.

I recently attended a White Water Charity event held at the “Harbour Lights Restaurant” at the South Street Seaport in NYC. Sweeping views of the eastside of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge served as the perfect back-drop. It was one of the best nights I had the entire summer. Joining me was Juliane Horton and Marie Shrekgast — two very amazing fashionistas that I proudly call my friends. The three of us were all dressed in white to support the charity and the theme of this worthwhile evening.

Later on, we played poker for charity! Your fashionista (who has never played poker before) managed to turn her $1,500 worth of poker chips into $14,000!! Everyone was laughing because they knew I was a novice to the game of poker! Talk about beginner’s luck! At the end, I wound up surrounded by poker professionals and one of them managed to wipe me out. I was a little disappointed because I wanted to donate my winnings to the deserving causes of Autism and the Environment. Oh well, there is always next time! I hope you enjoy the photos of this very positive and stylish evening! I would also like to extend a thank-you to Meital Benaroya — head stylist at REVE NEW YORK for making sure I looked like a grecian-goddess, dressed from head-to-toe in white.

For more exciting photos of this charitable evening taken by Anthony Bianciella click here!!


Your fashionista playing her “hand” at the Charity Poker Tournament!






A dress Meital B. from Reve New York chose for your fashionista!

Hi, ladies. Let’s face it! Nothing is better than a really great sale. With the cost of living and well even the cost of a Starbucks — a sale is a hard-working fashionista’s best friend. I have an upcoming wedding to attend and Meital at REVE NEW YORK helped me choose this stunning dress. Everyone in the shop went wild over the gorgeous sea-foam color and how it looks against my summer-skin! Viola!

Here are the details for the sale and I’ll see you there!!



22 North Dean Street, Englewood, NJ

from 10:00am-6:00pm




Your fashionista reviewing Meital’s latest merchandise!

Hi, ladies. The summer-time is filled with various social events and from Reve New York there is a design for everyone & every occasion. This upscale boutique is located right in the shadow of Manhattan, across the Hudson River in Englewood, NJ. Meital Benaroya(the pretty blonde boutique owner) brings a touch of Miami’s South Beach flair to the Metro-NY area. Not only are her dresses beautiful, but they reflect a depth of variety as attractive as any I’ve ever seen. One thing that truly caught my eye was her selection of “Sky” dresses.

Meital has an extensive background and even styles personalities like one of Bravo’s reigning diva’s, Teresa Guidice of “New Jersey Housewives.” Among her other customers are some of your favorites from The Style Network.

You will be interested to know that Reve New York is set to have a dynamite sidewalk sale from July 28th to the 30th — with some of her high-end dresses selling for a fraction of their original price! See you there, ladies!


At Reve New York and loving their hottest styles!


Modeling one of Meital’s pretty dresses!


One of the keynote items in the “Sky” collection is this sassy brown number which is sure to attract attention anywhere you go!


Tracy DiMarco from The Style Network wows everyone with her Reve New York outfit.


Teresa Guidice from “The New Jersey Housewives” can often be found shopping at Reve New York!


Your fashionista viewing the fabulous merchandise at Reve New York.

Hi, ladies! Hope you enjoyed a little R&R over this beautiful holiday weekend! Heard about Reve New York? I will have the full scoop for you tomorrow on their latest fashions which have been worn by the likes of Katy Perry and other sizzling fashionistas!  

Let’s make this a great week and see you around town!


Meital and your fashionista! She especially put this look together just for me!


This Only Hearts top and Badgley Mischka skirt made for a “hot” combination!

Hi, everyone! At Daily Fashionista we love to stand-apart from the crowd. Gone are the days when wearing a basic “black” dress is my first choice du jour from my closet. When this fashionista has a party, event or something special to attend — I want to feel exactly that way — very special. Ladies everywhere are visiting Meital Benaroya at REVE NEW YORK in Englewood, NJ to get their daily dose of fashion inspiration. Located right outside of Manhattan this super-stylish boutique is a fashionista’s paradise. All that glitters and sparkles can be found here — it’s fun to be girly, again — but with that sophisticated edge.

The various styles from designers such as Mandalay, Baccio Couture, Sky and Badgley Mischka are some of the most sought after looks — even by celebrities!! I had the opportunity to try on the actual Baccio Couture dress that my favorite songstress Katie Perry wore to the VMA’s (how exciting). Little Kim can be found perusing the racks at any given time. The bright yellow dress that Taylor Swift strutted her stuff in is sold at REVE NEW YORK as well. Paris Hilton’s glittering Mandalay birthday dress? Yes, the stunning sociallite’s favorite dress covered in glittering sequins – a true masterpiece- was worn by yours truly!

Speaking of masterpieces — I need to talk about the prom dresses offered at REVE NEW YORK. It was so nice to see so many fresh-faced and pretty young ladies stopping by Meital’s boutique to be “styled” by Meital for their proms. One of the most adorable scenes I have experienced in awhile in the fashion world, was the gorgeous teen, Elissa, trying on her prom dress choices. She then called her boyfriend who happened to be in the neighborhood and proudly showed him which styles she thought he might like. Everyone in the store melted. Not only did this young lady look absolutely stunning in her Baccio Couture gown, but the entire store lit-up with happiness.

The atmosphere at REVE NEW YORK is extremely welcoming. A fashionista might think that a shop that sells “fancy” dresses may be cold or have an “elite” vibe. Not, the case at this gorgeous shop! Meital, her mother and the other boutique employees really care about every single customer that walks into the door (I know, because I saw this first hand.) I also saw Meital hard at work — taking her various clients needs into consideration while choosing fashionable styles for them. People of all ages shop at REVE NEW YORK. There were even some mother-daughter visitors, too!

Meital has been styling the cast of Style Network’s hit show, “Jerseylicious.” Alexa Prisco ( and in one of the episodes — Olivia dazzled a fashion show audience while showcasing Meital’s breath-taking dresses on the runway! Meital’s sparkling specialty dresses have appeared on The Style Network, PEOPLE magazine and other mainstream media outlets. You can also find Teresa Guidice at REVE NEW YORK selecting her next show-stopping ensemble.

“Thank-you” to Meital for making me look and feel confident! Also note that Meital has a caring lay-away plan, so all my hard-working fashionistas can afford that fabulous dress you’ve been dreaming of.


This Ema Savahl creation is simply beautiful


This Ema Savahl dress that Katy Perry favors — is actually designed with unique puffy paint!


The rockin’ dress that Katy Perry wore to the VMA’s!


Another fashionista favorite was this gorgeous Baccio Couture sea-foam gown. I felt like a pretty mermaid.


Meital chose this Sky dress which she thought enhanced my tan.


Meital sells the exact shimmering yellow creation that both Taylor Swift and Paris Hilton love to wear!


Paris Hilton in Mandalay - one of her favorite brands to wear


Dana (your fashionista) striking a pose in Mandalay


Taylor Swift takes the stage in a similiar stunning dress


Daily Fashionista reader and REVE customer, Elissa — shines for her prom!


REVE NEW YORK is the ‘it’ place to shop in order to feel and look like a true super-style-diva! Their head stylist Meital will have you looking like a celebrity with ease.”

Dana Prigge’, Daily Fashionista

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